About the Port Angeles WeatherCam

Operating continuously for over 14 years!

The Port Angeles WeatherCam was started back in 1997 from the storefront of the former Kits Cameras #15/Avery's Cameras store in Port Angeles, WA. After about 6 months, we decided the view of the parking lot left a lot to be desired. We then moved the camera to the roof of my home with a view of Port Angeles in the foreground and the Olympic Mountains in the background. On many days, clouds hide the mountains*. This has caused some to ask why I have a camera aimed at Safeway…

In 2004, Sheldon sold his founding interest in Ten Forward and kept control of the weather station and webcam. In June of 2007, due to circumstances beyond my control, the tenforward.com/webcam URL was no longer available to use. The WeatherCam was then moved in July 2007 to this new URL. Same old hardware, same old view, same old owner.


The electronic weather station (a Radio Shack WX200) is starting to show its age and is not as accurate as it could be. The information is as accurate as the electronics report. Due to a camera being stolen a few years ago (really!), the new camera is hard to get to. As a result, the lens gets dirty and is hard to clean. Sorry, but I hate heights!

I do this purely for fun and make no money off of its operation. If you feel generous and would like to make a donation, feel free to do so here.

My wife says thanks!

Below are some "Best Of" pictures saved over the years:

* If you look closely, you often see sunshine in the foreground when the mountains are shrouded in clouds. Pictures cannot do this beautiful scene justice. You can usually drive up to Hurricane Ridge and be above the clouds for an even more spectacular view.

All images and information Copyright 1997-2011 Sheldon Koehler

Updated 7/12/2007